Fall has finally arrived, and our yards are getting cozy with spiderwebs and fallen leaves. Those adorable Jack-O-Lanterns are flashing their grins as we go about our daily business. Take a stroll through the neighborhood, and you’ll spot Halloween decorations popping up everywhere. Main Street is a riot of costumes, candy, and all things spooky in shop windows. People are chattering about Monster Parties, Costume Contests, and the fall festivals that are lighting up our community with excitement.

The mix of nostalgia and spooky vibes has us all geared up for some creepy reads on those chilly October evenings. So, we’ve handpicked a bunch of books that’ll give you the shivers, and we’ve even given them our own Jack-O-Lantern scare rating! You can check these titles out at our library, and some are even available on Cloud Library for those who prefer digital chills!

Curious about how we picked these books? Visit the eLibrary page on our website and find Novelist Plus under Reader’s Advisory! Search genres, writing styles, and find even more titles to checkout! https://www.hutchpl.org/elibrary/

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