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  • Books of the Summer
    HPL Predicted Summer Reading Hits We’ve put together a list of new books that we think will be this summer’s popular check-outs. Some of them are already out in New Materials, others are coming soon! Place any title on hold so it’s ready for you to pick up and start reading right away! Add these… Read more: Books of the Summer
  • Humanities Kansas TALK Series
    Hutchinson Public Library is hosting a three part book series March through May exploring “Ghost Stories.” Ghost stories arouse the same emotion that draws us to mystery fiction: the desire to solve the problem of the past. People tell stories to try to explain what death is, where loved ones go, why the good suffer.… Read more: Humanities Kansas TALK Series
  • Library Lover’s Month Reading List
    We have a wide range of topics for all reading tastes this month! If you’re in the mood for a romance, check out Happiness for Beginners and join the discussion with the Salt City Readers club later this month. If romance has failed you and you find yourself looking for more of a classic slasher,… Read more: Library Lover’s Month Reading List
  • Teen Creativity Contest 2023
    Hutchinson Public Library’s Young Adult Advisory Board announces the winners of its 27th annual Teen Creativity Contest. In the months of October and November, area youth were invited to submit their original work in the categories of art, photography, poetry, and short story writing. Fifty-four youth were represented by the eighty-two entries received this year.… Read more: Teen Creativity Contest 2023
  • 641 Dinner Club Meets This February
    Our 641 Dinner Club is meeting next month on February 10. For February’s theme, we wanted to create a warm, cozy feeling. We couldn’t think of anything that would fit that more than a classic Italian bistro. Often featured in rom-coms, the food of Italy reminds us of warmth, family, and love. That makes it… Read more: 641 Dinner Club Meets This February