• What to Read Next
    Our July Choices for Adult Summer Reading We have overfilled our TBR list for July! There are so many new and nearly new titles that we can’t read them all this month. Our list spans the genres we have titles from romance, horror, thrillers, non-fiction, and fiction with direct links to our catalog so you… Read more: What to Read Next
  • 641 Dinner Club Meets This February
    Our 641 Dinner Club is meeting next month on February 10. For February’s theme, we wanted to create a warm, cozy feeling. We couldn’t think of anything that would fit that more than a classic Italian bistro. Often featured in rom-coms, the food of Italy reminds us of warmth, family, and love. That makes it… Read more: 641 Dinner Club Meets This February
  • Happy Library Card Sign-Up Month!
    Have you lost or damaged your library card? In honor of September being Library Card Sign-Up Month, we’re offering free library card replacements this month. Just bring your photo ID, and we’ll get a shiny new card for you! Don’t forget to let friends and family know about all the great resources they can access… Read more: Happy Library Card Sign-Up Month!