Featured Artist Gallery

Hutchinson Art Center arranges a different Kansas artist featured each month in the Library Auditorium. This is a virtual tour of the artist this month. If you'd like to learn more about the artist, or would like to purchase some of the art, please contact the Hutchinson Art Center at
(620) 663-1801 or e-mail hutchartcenter@gmail.com. 

Martha Hamilton 
This is the Hutchinson Art Center submitting a virtual show submission in honor of Martha Hamilton, a long-time artist and supporter of the Hutchinson Art Center who recently passed away.
"Martha Hamilton was a painter of Plein Air art, which is a French expression meaning, “in the open air” particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors. Hamilton used oil paints as her medium and said she painted, “only what she sees” and not photos. For many years, Hamilton grew a plethora of flowers. She enjoyed nurturing and painting still-life images of those plants. Hamilton was an artist for over sixty years and she attended the University of Kansas and the Chicago Art Institute. Martha Hamilton was a founding member of the Hutchinson Art Association."