Borrowing Materials

Borrowing materials from the Hutchinson Public Library can be done using an HPL card (account) in good standing. "In good standing" means that there are less than $5.00 worth of fines or fees associated with the account and that the contact information associated with the account is up to date.

The Hutchinson Public Library does not restrict the borrowing ability of children. Any card holder may check out any item. It is incumbent upon the parent or guardian of a minor child to monitor what the child borrows.

The right of free access to information for all individuals is basic to all aspects of library service.  A valid library card entitles the patron to borrow library materials according to Library Board policies relating to circulation services.  

A valid library card must be presented each time a patron wishes to check out materials.  A valid library card or other valid identification may be required for use of certain library materials within the Library.  For the convenience of our patrons, a valid photo ID may be used one time in place of a library card before the library card is presumed lost and a replacement is issued.

A borrower must present her or his own library card each time a transaction is made for that borrower.  Cards of children, relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc. may not be used in place of one’s own card. Records for family members with guardians will be linked in the library’s automated borrowing system.