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Science Fiction Book Discussion Download as iCal file
Thursday 05 June 2014, 07:00pm - 08:45pm
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This month's title is DARK SPACE, by Jasper T. Scott

From the Inside Flap:

Ethan heard Gina scream, and then her comm cut off in static. "Gina!" 
   The static hissed on with no reply.
   Frek! His heart pounding, Ethan checked his scopes, but they'd fuzzed out due to the proximity of the explosions. He flew through the expanding debris clouds and ignored the sound of shattered duranium pelting his fighter. His forward shields quickly dropped into the red, and he feared what that meant for Gina. "Gina!" he tried again.
   Then he saw her, one of her three engines still glowing blue, the other two flickering. Her starboard stabilizer fin had been knocked off, and he could see that her cockpit canopy was striated with fractures. "Gina, for Immortals' sake, answer me!"
   A moment later her voice came back to him, but she sounded weak. "I'm alive. Took a hit through my canopy. My suit's pissing air."
   "Krak, how badly are you injured?"
   "Not much blood, but breathing hurts like a motherfrekker. Maybe a few broken ribs."
   "Fly back to the Defiant. I'll cover you."
   "I'll never make it that far, not on half thrust. . . . Too many enemy fighters."
   Ethan gritted his teeth. "Well, frek it, you're just gonna give up and die?"
   No answer.
   Ethan watched the hull of the Valiant growing large before them. In his periphery he spotted the Defiant's beam cannons opening up as the cruiser made her first pass on the Valiant's port hangar. Eight blue dymium beams shot out, drawing rippling waves from the hangar's shields.
   A few seconds after that, Ethan saw nova fighters tearing out of the massive carrier's launch tubes.
   "Are those our novas coming from the Valiant?" Gina asked.
   Ethan shook his head. "We don't have anyone left on board. We took everyone except for the sentinels with us."
   "So those are enemy novas. Frek!"
   Ethan had no reply for that. By now Brondi had overwhelmed the six sentinels in the concourse between the carrier's ventral hangars and he was taking control of the ship--including its considerable compliment of nova fighters and interceptors. Gina's right. We won't make it back to the Defiant.
   No one will.

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