The Great American Read

The Great American Read
Posted on 05/24/2018
Great American ReadEveryone has a favorite. But what is America’s favorite book?  PBS has a list of America’s 100 best loved novels, and they need you to help them pick number one.  Is your favorite on the list? 

Hutchinson Public Library staff would also like to know which is the most loved novel in Hutchinson. 

You can place votes daily in these fun contests.

Vote for America's most loved novel at  You can find the methods behind choosing the top 100 novels and different ways to vote on their website.  The PBS voting period is from May 22 to October 18.

Vote for Hutchinson's most loved novel at  This link will take you to and you can submit your favorite title. Your votes are anonymous and the voting period for Hutchinson's top novel is from May 25 to August 4.

Wanna see the top 100 list?  Here ya go! tgar-book-checklist.pdf