FAQs During Library Closure

FAQs During Library Closure
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We thought it might help you to have answers to some frequently asked questions about the library during the COVID-19 mitigation closure.  If your question is not answered with this list, please email your question to info@hutchpl.org.  We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours.  Please keep checking in with this list, as we will continue to add questions and answers as we receive them.

Should I return my book/item yet?  What if I am not finished?

You may return your book/item any time in our 24 hour book drop.  If you are not finished, all items have been renewed as of May 8, and will then be due three weeks from that date.

If no one is at the library, how do I get in touch with someone?

We are encouraging patrons to email us at info@hutchpl.org, or call us and leave a message WITH a way to contact you, either by leaving your e-mail address or your phone number. Staff are able to access phone messages and emails.

I have had a Hutchinson library card for years, but I haven't used it for a while. I think my card may have been deactivated. Is it possible to reactivate the card or to get another card? 

Please give us a call at 620-663-5441 x116 and let us know you'd like us to review your card status, and leave a phone number for us to call you back. For your internet safety, please do not send us your identifying information over email.

Can you mail me /send me a book?  Or, will you set up a drive-thru book pick up?

Beginning Monday, May 11, patrons can place items on hold to check out from the library, and scheduled faxing, copying and scanning and printing will become available. Please see our Library Materials Pick Up Service page for more information. 

Once the library opens, how do we know items are safe to check out?

Before the library closed to the public, library staff were already quarantining books for a period of 9 days. We are continuing to follow advice from the CDC, The American Library Association and the Institute of Museums and Library Sciences on how to disinfect paper materials.  Studies now indicate that the COVID-19 virus can live on paper or cardboard surfaces for 24 hours and plastic or metal up to three days. Time is our best disinfectant.  As we receive materials, they will be placed in a quarantine area for at least 5 days before being put back on the shelves. We are also cleaning the book jacket by wiping with virucide spray before it goes on the shelf.

Why is Cloud Library telling me I can't download a book?

Due to unprecedented usage, Cloud Library has had to expand their servers to give you e-books and e-audiobooks even faster. So pat yourselves on the back for being such a learning and reading community! If you are encountering disappearing holds, Cloud Library explains: If a book expires and there are still patrons on the hold list, those holds turn into suggestions. If the title is re-purchased, the suggestions will turn back into holds.  Also as a reminder, as part of the consortium, patrons of the purchasing library have first dibs on their books.  As their patrons place holds on their purchased books, our patrons get pushed down the list.  Same thing applies to our patrons.  If they place a hold on a book we purchased, they go above those from patrons of other libraries.  Short answer?  Just keep trying.

Another thing you can try is the following troubleshooting process:

1. Make sure the time and date are correct on the device.

2. uninstall the app.
turn off the device (very important).
turn on the device.
reinstall the app.
setup your login.
try to download the book

You can also try any of our other e-book and e-audiobook resources! Kansas EZ Library , Freegal Music, and digitized books. Since there are so many publishers, artists, learning platforms and more making their content free, we’ve compiled a list for you. Keep checking because we are adding content often.  Click this link to visit that list. 

I have a family member/friend who passed away. Can I still purchase memorial books in their name? 

The majority of memorials are done through a funeral home or over the phone so the usual system should work.  Memorial book donors not using a funeral home should call 620-663-5441 x114.  Leave a message, and be sure to leave your phone number so we can contact you. We can also send pictures and lists of books if you want to choose a specific title.

School has assigned research projects, and I don't know where to start looking!  What can I do to finish my assignment?

We are able to help guide you with research projects.  We have an 'At Home Reference' service while the library is closed.  The best way to reach our reference team is to send an e-mail to reference@hutchpl.org.  Of course you can also call, 620-663-5441 x137 and leave a message with your phone number so we can contact you.

When is the library going to reopen?

Unfortunately, we don't know the answer to this question right now. We are closely monitoring information from a variety of sources, including the Center for Disease Control, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Reno County Health Department and Emergency Management, other libraries and the American Library Association.
The library is now offering materials pick-up and copying, printing, and faxing all by appointment. Please call 620-663-5441 x 116 for information on how to take advantage of these services.

I am needing to find a proctor for an exam, and I really need to finish this exam before they release a new one.

In-person proctoring is currently suspended. However, depending upon your institution’s testing requirements, Reference Services is currently exploring virtual options. Please contact us at reference@hutchpl.org, and be sure to provide your name, phone, and your institution’s proctoring guidelines or contact information.

What are your plans for keeping the library safe once you re-open?

Our planning is currently ongoing, but some plans are being readied now to be put into action. At first, the building will remain closed to the public and we will be providing no-contact services only. Think about activities like drive-up hold book pick-up, home delivery of books and other materials, and drive-up copying and faxing as examples. We will continue to offer W-Fi in our parking lot, telephone and email reference service, and online story-telling along with all the MANY online services we are currently offering through our website, www.hutchpl.org.

Looking toward the day when we will be ready to open the building to patrons, it will be a slow and deliberate process, and we will follow guidelines set forth from local, state and national health agencies and governments. We will rearrange spaces as best we can. We will continue, as we did before closing the facility, to clean diligently. We will offer ways for patrons to clean hands. Social distancing will have to be enforced. Group limits will be strictly enforced. Computers will be distanced and likely because of that, numbers of available public computers will be limited. Until a viable vaccine is available, we cannot foresee a time where any large events such as large children's programs or adult activities like Talk20 will be held - not just in the library, but anywhere.

Can you please tell me whether or not you are accepting book donations at this time? Unfortunately, we cannot accept book donations for the foreseeable future. Please hang on to your donations if you can. There will be a time when the Friends of the Library will be able to receive them again.

I have a family member who is homebound. Are you still delivering books to assisted living facilities in Hutchinson (and South Hutchinson)?

We are once again delivering materials to our outreach patrons.  If you would like to register your family member to receive outreach deliveries, please call our outreach staff at 620-663-5441 x 116.