How to Login to My Account

Logging In and Out

To use some features, you identify yourself by logging in. You log in by typing your patron barcode number (library card number) and your password. Your library may allow you to set up a user name for logging in, instead of requiring the barcode number.

Some libraries require you to log in each time you need to identify yourself. For example, you may log in to request a hold, and log in again to view your patron account. At other libraries, you log in only once, and you remained logged in until you log out. If your library provides the single log-in feature, you are logged in for your entire session the first time you use a function that requires log-in. You can also log in for the session by selecting Log In at the top of the page. When you are logged in, your name and a Log Out link are displayed at the top of the page.

Important: Always log out to protect your privacy. If you are using the online catalog in the library, do not leave your personal information visible or accessible at the library workstation. To log out, click Log Out at the top of the page.

Log in and out

Some libraries allow you to log in once for your entire Polaris session. Follow these steps to log in for your entire session.

Note:If you are working in the library, you may be required to insert a card in a reader and type a password or PIN to use a library workstation. After you log in to the workstation with your card, you may be automatically logged in to Polaris. To log out of Polaris only, but remain logged in at the workstation, click Log Out at the top of the page. To log out of both Polaris and the workstation, remove your card from the reader.

  1. Click Log Inat the top of the page.

    The log-in form is displayed.

  2. Type your barcode number (from your library card) in the Barcode Numberbox. Your library may require all or only part of the number.

    Your library may accept a user name instead of the barcode. To set up a user name, click Create username. For more information, click User’s Guide.

  3. Type your account password in the Passwordbox.

    If you have an account but have never had a password, you may be able to set up your password online. Click create a password. For more information, click User’s Guide. If you need a password but do not see the create a password link, contact the library for assistance.

  4. Click Log In.

    Your name and the Log Out link are displayed at the top of the page when you are logged in.

  5. Log out by doing one of the following actions:
    • If you are viewing your patron account, click the Log Out link on a patron account display, or click Log Out in the Patron Account submenu.
    • Click Log Out at the top of the page.

    Logging out protects your privacy. If you are using the online catalog in the library, be sure to log out.

Related Information

  • Barcodes - Your patron barcode number is assigned when you set up a library account. Your library may allow you to begin the registration for a new account online. For more information, click User’s Guide.
  • Passwords
    • In the library, see a library staff member if you need to set a password, or if you have forgotten your old one. A library staff member may be able to override the old password to give you the opportunity to set a new one.
    • The log-in page may include a Forgot your password? link. If your patron account includes an e-mail address, click this link to receive your current password in an e-mail message.
    • Some libraries allow you to set up a password online for an existing account. For more information about this feature and password formats, click User’s Guide.
  • Security - Your library may provide a secure connection for any functions that require your patron barcode and password. You can identify a secure connection by the lock icon in the status bar. You may receive a security alert message when you first select a function that requires transmission of personal information. You can click Yes to proceed with the function.
  • Failed log-in attempts - The library may limit the number of times you can attempt to log in without success. At the first attempt, the system starts timing the attempts to log-in, and a warning message appears at the first unsuccessful attempt. When the limit has been reached or 5 minutes have passed from the first attempt with no successful log-in, a message appears and you must wait 5 minutes before trying to log in again.

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