Department Descriptions


This team of staff members crosses departments of the library, headed by our Technical Services Team Leader. Staff members from Circulation, Children's, and Reference select materials for specific collections in the library. Selections are made according to HPL's Collection Development Policy.

Business Office

The Business Office staff handle the library's financial matters and human resource functions. Among the many areas handled here are volunteering, memorial donations, marketing and public relations, and all the administrative duties required to run the business side of the organization.


This team maintains the juvenile materials collection, provides children's and young adult programming, special activities for youth, carries out the Summer Reading Program, and handles our children's outreach program.


The main responsibilities of this HPL team include making sure library materials are properly checked in and checked out, assisting patrons in locating materials, working with hold requests and interlibrary loans, and handling adult outreach services.


This is a department indispensable to a modern library.  Our IT team does everything from making sure our systems are updated and running to making sure our patrons are finding success interfacing their own technology with ours.


This team keeps the physical plant in good shape in many ways. These staff members daily do the extremely important and never-ending task of cleaning our building. They do minor maintenance and upkeep and coordinate the work of outside help for major repairs and maintenance needs.

Reference & Interlibrary Loan

This highly-skilled team helps our patrons with all of their research and specialized information needs. Staff members perform research, locate materials for our patrons from other libraries in Kansas, the nation, and even the world. This department brings the skills and focus that are lacking in the modern world of "just Google it." If you are stumped, the Reference Department at HPL is the place to turn for the right answer.

Technical Services

These are the people that get the materials out on the shelves for our patrons to borrow. This team does everything from unpacking boxes of new books to repairing damaged items and every step in between.